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Just 4 U Quilts is dedicated to making lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

We use my love of quilting to bring your loved ones clothes and personality to life through a lasting custom made quilt. We can use shirts,
tee shirts, baby clothes or even a wedding gown to create a quilt you can use and love.  We can create a special gift catered to
someones interests or hobby.

How about a teddy bear from Grandpa's flannel shirt or maybe a keepsake doll from that Christening outfit?  If you can dream it,
Just 4 U Quilts will make it come true.

Just 4 U Quilts uses the best fabrics and materials to complement your obtainable shirts or clothing.

We can also create a quilt from just your ideas or suggestions.


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Hawaiian-Memory Quilt Wedding Ring Quilt Ravens Quilt
This quilt is centered around a special Harley Davidson "kerchief" presented to the recipient and made into a special Christmas present for the HD rider.

A Memory Quilt for a lady whose husband died of cancer. He always wore Hawaiian style shirts of which this is made from his shirts. The back is also quilted with some of his tee shirts. The center "Grandpa's Keepers" represent the grandchildren.
This is a Double Wedding Ring quilt made as a wedding gift to a granddaughter. This quilt was also a present to a son who happened to be a great Baltimore Ravens fan.
Blue-Star Orioles-quilt Quilt of Valor Sleigh Ride
A special quilt combining several techniques to achieve a unique pattern.
Orioles Quilt .
A "Quilt of Valor" for a loved United States Marine.
A quilt to commemorate a marriage proposal while on a family vacation at Deep Creek Lake, MD
Blue-Star Quilt Red-Roses Quilt Boys-Dog Quilt Girls-Dog Quilt
A wedding gift in the bride's favorite colors.
"Momma Loves Roses" done in her daughter's favorite color.
Twin size quilt for a boy, her brother.
Twin size quilt for a girl, his sister

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